Knowing You
December 14, 2018
Strange Choices
December 17, 2018


When I married my husband two years ago, I was completely sure he was the only one for me, I was head over heels in love with him, but now, I’m not so sure anymore.

I know they say you can never fully know a person and you get to know more about them as you get older, but I really felt I knew Kola, we were in sync in every way and we thought the same way.

Things are different these days, we communicate less and misunderstand each other more and many times I feel like I don’t know him at all and I question my feelings.

However, I was watching a movie recently and the major point I got was that we like a person because of something but love them despite so many things.

So, I started looking at my husband closely, and I noticed that even though a lot has changes he is still the same man I married and deep down I know who he really is, and I will continue to love him no matter how much he changes.

May Okanigbe

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