Strange Choices

December 17, 2018
December 18, 2018

Strange Choices

As a man who is well renowned in my field, I have always felt like I had everything I wanted except a woman who would be my partner in life.

I’ve met my fair share of women, really beautiful women, more than I care to count but I’ve never had that special connection with anyone except Adaeze.

It was many years ago but I still remember her like she was standing in front of me, I had been such a fool thinking she would swoon and fall for me like every other girl but for some weird reason, she despised me.

That only made me more interested in her but I was too proud to go after her, but her presence in my heart kept growing and the more I tried to get her, the more she pulled.

It wasn’t until it was too late, the day she got married to another man that I realized that I had been in love with her, but she chose another man and I knew it was all my fault. No other woman has come close since.

May Okanigbe

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