Dance with Me

January 22, 2019
Sweet Sorrow
February 13, 2019

Dance with Me

Diane was never really a social person, she tried and failed to make friends so many times that she eventually got tired of trying.

She lived her life buried in books and took solace in the excitement she found there, she made friends with the different characters she read.

On her 18th birthday, she decided to do something she had never done, she went out to the club. Everything was so new to her, the lights, the loud music and the fancy short dresses the ladies wore.

She was in the middle of taking it all in when a very handsome young man walked up to her, her breath caught in her throat, and he flashed a set of pearly white teeth and he smiled at her.

Then he stretched out his hand and said “Dance with me”, from that moment, she was lost in his eyes and she danced and floated through the dance floor and she knew he life would never remain the same.

May Okanigbe

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