My First Valentine

February 13, 2019
All or Nothing
February 15, 2019

My First Valentine

I always thought that all the buzz about the celebration of love on a specific day was totally unnecessary and somewhat annoying.

Everywhere you look you see couples wearing red, the color of the season, gift boxes everywhere, romantic cakes and other gift items that either irritate you or make you wish for yours.

Until my first year with Greg, I had no high hopes cos I had never celebrated it before but wow was I blown away.

Before I got out of bed, I was surprised with cake and flowers. At work another round of gifts, and after work a superbly romantic dinner.

Luckily for me I was able to sneak off work to get some thoughtful gifts for him even though mine were incomparable with his.

From that day onward, Valentine has been my favorite day of the year and I have to same my gift giving has improved even though Greg tops the chart every time.

May Okanigbe

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