Don’t Speak

No Promises
March 25, 2019
For You
March 26, 2019

Don’t Speak

Everything about him looked perfect as he stepped out of his car into the restaurant where my girls and I were having a late lunch and our conversation was temporarily halted as we gawked at him.

I noticed we weren’t the only females staring, even ladies that came in accompanied were rudely ignoring their partners as they stared longingly at the stranger who seemed to have walked straight out of all our dreams.

He walked to the counter to place his order as he wanted his food to go. So, I decided to shoot my shot and walked up to him, pretending to want to make enquiries about something.

The minute I got close enough to him, I froze as my illusion just shattered. He had the tiniest, most feminine male voice I had ever heard, and his English was horrible and heavily accented.

I didn’t even know when I burst out laughing and the whole room stared at me like I had suddenly gone mad. I couldn’t believe that Mr. Perfect was not so perfect after all.

May Okanigbe

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