April 29, 2019
Forever and Always
April 30, 2019


I didn’t understand why it became so difficult to write all of a sudden. I had been writing for years and had never experienced a writers block this bad.

So I went out for a stroll late at night, something I hardly ever did. And I walked into this cute cozy restaurant I spotted on an unfamiliar street, looking for a new experience.

I had just finished my cup of tea and paid when she walked in, her smile immediately lit up the place and a million ideas rushed into my head.

I grabbed a table napkin and started scribbling all the disjointed ideas and they flowed in, her smile firmly imprinted in my minds eye.

When I was done, I looked up and she was gone. For a moment I thought I had imagined her but then I knew she was real. Now on a hunt to find her, my muse.

May Okanigbe

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