Foodie Chronicles
August 27, 2019
Biggest Fool
August 28, 2019



Jane had been cooked up in the palace for years but that never quelled her desire to explore and go on adventures. Since her father remarried, she was virtually invisible to everyone that mattered.

So, one day she got her chance, as the guards were changing shifts and a carriage was leaving, she snuck in and that was it. the carriage sped off out of the palace.

She started to regret her decision because it wasn’t that they were treating her so badly, she just was never allowed to leave, then she lifted her head out of the carriage and what she saw held her spellbound.

The most beautiful hills were before her, with flowers as far as the eye could see and deep down, she knew she would never go back to the castle, she had finally found where she belonged. Everything was perfect.

May okanigbe

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