It Hurts

September 9, 2019
Then Came You
September 17, 2019

It Hurts

As a young Igbo girl that was born and brought up in the north, Nkiru enjoyed the simplicities of life. She saw the world as a beautiful and peaceful place.

Everything changed however, as she grew older, she began to see the world as it really is, imperfect. She met a boy and fell in love but she didn’t understand why they couldn’t be together.

She didn’t understand all those unspoken rules like tribalism barriers and religious hindrances and she was hurt to find out that she couldn’t be with the man she loved.

It hurt because he was Hausa and she was Igbo. It hurt because she was Christian and him a Muslim. She hurt because the world had made things difficult, she wished things would go back to being perfect.

May Okanigbe

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