Lagos Chronicles

Biggest Fool
August 28, 2019
Alone At Last
September 2, 2019

Lagos Chronicles

The other night I was on a bus from Ojota to Ojuelegba. It was night time so as expected with the danfo bus drivers, he was speeding.

Somewhere close to Obanikoro, the back tire burst and so we all expected the driver to stop and fix it, give us a part of our money or put us in another bus to our surprise, that didn’t happen.

The driver kept on going, the tire was smoking because it was burning up, the bus was struggling to move and the smell of burning tire was in the air, he still didn’t stop.

People started to protest and some were to get down at palmgrove, and they did. Then the driver turned and said anyone that wants to get down should get down.

So everyone just settled down. Believe it or not, he drove that bus with the rims of the tire almost touching the road, all the way to Ojuelegba before he stopped. I’m still amazed whenever I think about it.

May Okanigbe

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