Why Always Me?

Alone At Last
September 2, 2019
No Fears
September 3, 2019

Why Always Me?

Deya didn’t like the fact that she had to do everything around the house everyday, go to work and still see to all Jake’s needs, while he didn’t lift a finger to help.

Of course, growing up in a Nigerian home she was taught to be contented and do her duties efficiently without complaining, but she had had it and she wanted Jake to help out even if it was just a little.

So she decided to fake a work emergency and leave him and the kids for a week. She wasn’t sure it was going to work but the minute she got back, she was glad she left.

Jake was at his wits end and the house was a mess, she swooped in and took care of everything. From that day onward, he always respected her and helped her in whatever way he could because he knew first hand that it wasn’t easy.

May Okanigbe

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